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Thursday Thirteen - Lies, Lies, Lies, Oh-oh... They gonna getchya!


Hidey-Ho, Blog-neighbour-a-reenos! It's Thursday again... and lately, I've had a lot of "facts" jammed down my throat from various quarters... and I wanted to address them today in a Thursday Thirteen entitled...


#13: The "UFO crash" at Roswell, New Mexico (actually, it happened in Corona... but who's splitting hairs,) has been admirably answered by Air Force authorities... but the "true-believers" refuse to accept their answer because they almost want the incident to be something else.

TRUTH: Although this COULD be true, the United States Air Force has put through about four known "explanations" for whatever happened there ranging from "It was a weather balloon" to "It was testing ejection seats with cadavers".

The truth is no one has ever gotten a "straight-one-off" answer to what happened. Was it a UFO crash? Maybe. Was it a weather balloon? Perhaps. Was it a crash of a secret test-plane? Could be...

We may never know the real answer. Many of the more "intelligent" people looking into this incident can only conclude something weird happened there and yes, the military have not been forthcoming... I ain't sayin' it's little green men from Mars... but sumthin' happened there...

...and it's overall effect? Really... a cottage industry for the people of Roswell selling cutesy alien stuff.

#12: Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet.

TRUTH: Thomas Crapper made toilets... and his name may have spurred a slang... but he was not the inventor. Sir John Harrington in 1596 came up with the idea, and Alexander Cummings can take credit for the modern toilet when he designed it in 1775.

I'm flushed with this sort of crappy knowledge!

#11: Pouring an alcoholic beverage (or even cola) on a piece of pork produces some rather nasty effects... most notably certain parasites that are in all pork products make a "break for it" and leave the meat... and it's not uncommon to see maggots and other small creatures come to the "surface" of the meat when cola or alcohol is introduced to the surface.

TRUTH: This is a myth. If you really think about this, how many times has pork been marinated with alcohol and pork-ribs are sometimes marinated in cola... and yet, the cooks of these have never had to run away from a mass of maggots pouring out of their food.

#10: Leaving a computer turned on is healthier for the lifespan of the system as it does not tax the drive heads or RAM as much as constant re-booting does.

TRUTH: Computers, as a rule, have perhaps a dozen moving parts... meaning that "wear and tear" isn't a huge concern... but if you notice, computer have multiple fans and "heat-sinks" to help with cooling.

If you know a computer will not be used for more than five hours at a stretch, it's better to allow it to "cool down" by powering it down... it will preserve the life span of the system, it's chips, and those fans. No joke here... and yeah, I am a professional!

#9: In a 2006 study (only recently released,) performed by students and bio-medical faculty from Telaine University in Michigan found that the least germ-ridden (read: cleanest and free from bacteria) plumbing appliance in most households is indeed the toilets. It beat out kitchen sinks and bathtubs. The scientists reasoned this was due to the germ killing cleansers people use to clean them.

TRUTH: I made this up... sounds legit though, doesn't it? Wonder if this will become an urban legend because some people won't read this bit...

#8: In the United Kingdom, gun deaths and crimes involving guns rose dramatically after the overall ban of handguns went into place.

TRUTH: Sadly, "violent crime" went up... but gun crime dropped dramatically... and as I've often said, I'd rather take my chances, personally, with a whacko at 20 feet with a knife than a whacko at 50 yards with a gun. It's been a while since a loon with a sword killed more than half-a-dozen people in short time... I wish I could say the same for guns. Also, the "spike" in crime was borderline at best... less than 3% according to New Scotland Yard.

After all, it's hard to spray "punches" or pour round after round of sword slashes into a crowd to cause mass devastation.

#7: Rice is no longer thrown at "traditional" weddings because it was found that birds would eat the rice which would expand in their stomachs causing them to literally "explode" causing their death.

TRUTH: This is an urban legend. Birds can handle it... and have eaten rice in one form or another since it was cultivated with no ill effects.

Still, I feel bad... I know I shouldn't find this funny, but I kinda have this mental image of pigeons gorging on rice at a church, flying off and KABOOM!

#6: Human urine is incredibly bacteria laden and if it contacts an open cut or sore, it will literally cause an almost instantaneous infection that is extremely difficult to treat.

TRUTH: Urine is almost sterile and has been used, historically, as an antiseptic in battlefield (emergency) operations. It's been filtered through kidneys et al and the only "nasty" stuff is cells it picks up on the way through the system... and of course, the uric acid... but that's not toxic in small quantities.

Still, I don't recommend drinking it or using it to wash your hands with.

#5: The Macintosh Operating System was developed from a system used for photocopiers.

TRUTH: Nope... Microsoft Window's was. It was developed from the software used to run Xerox copiers long ago.

Wonder if these machines had "Blue Screens of Death"?

#4: The United States of America is the largest (political boundaried) land-mass in the world.

TRUTH: Nope. It's number three behind Russia and Canada.

REMEMBER: Always look at the SCALE of your Atlas!

#3: "Mad" King George III of England (whom the American colonists rose up against,) was against parliamentary and constitutional rule... and when the American's managed to win the struggle against England in the latter 1700's, the direct response was an easing of the population's overburdened taxation.

TRUTH: Nope. King George was a constitutionalist. He is quoted as saying, The pride, the glory of Britain and the direct end of it's constitution is political liberty.

It was the British Parliament that really ticked off the Americans... but it's hard to "rally" a country against a body of people as opposed to it's figure head.

Oh, and taxes went up so high after the revolution that many lost their homes and farms... many also "fled" to Canada to avoid the taxes imposed by the new government. Rep by pop cost money back then, y'know!

#2: NASA scientists have proven that there does not seem to be any truth to "global warming" or any climate change effects. These studies are often overlooked by the people that believe in climate change as "skewed" science from government sources.

TRUTH: Nope. The bulk of the findings are not good... For example... click here... but there is a small campaign of seeming "misinformation"... Click here... this is why there's a debate about NASA's findings...

Don't think only NASA scientists are being... um... "regulated". Canadian scientists are too...

Before running away on this topic, anyone else find it interesting that there's only ONE reason being bandied about by the climate change people about what's happening... but dozens of excuses from the opposite number as to why those of us who think it is something to consider are nuts? Kinda like when my kid "didn't do something" like homework... there's a myriad of "reasons" and "excuses"... but the still isn't done... and I don't believe that the dog ate her calculator while aliens kidnapped her textbook.

Stuff like this doesn't help the anti-warming cause either...

It's telling when "your side" is grasping so vainly for any "facts" to augment their argument... Any port in a storm I suppose...

#1: There's a WHOLE WHACK OF MONEY waiting for you at the UK Lottery Office or with a wealthy relative OR employee of someone usually from Nigeria...

TRUTH: No. There isn't. While I'm here, there also isn't a pill to make your penis bigger, there's no beautiful Russian woman waiting to meet you who's anonymously e-mailed you out of the blue... and this has caused us much consternation at Chez Didier-Darroch as Sue get's more penis enlargement e-mails AND Russian WebCam women contacting HER then I do! Now THAT'S a possible conspiracy!

BONUS: Science says that ghosts don't exist.

TRUTH: Science says ghosts have not been proven to exist as one has not been brought forward to be studied properly. There's a huge difference between "Not Proven" and "Does Not".

In fact, considering there are literally millions of witnesses to these things from all walks of life (read: They're not all "woo-woos" as often reported by certain disreputable groups and organisations,) there's more evidence through witness testimony that ghostly phenomena exists than we have that many other things exist.

Effectively, science says, These things MIGHT exist but have yet to be proven.

Now, ask me if ghosts are "dead folk" or something else... THEN we'll probably have a disagreement... and I'd remind people that any opinion on "causation" of ghostly stuff is guess work... not written in stone.

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I'm on Linux, and my pc is on for days, weeks, at a time... And I'm rather hot-stuff too :p

Ghosts, sure, but no alien crashes? What kind of open-minded kook are ya?! lol

Happy TT!
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 09:14
Comment from: Penelope Anne [Visitor] Email ·
I am so rolling on the floor with laughter over bet some are going to take that and run.

For the record, you know your blog was never the topic of my rants on those who ask for money. NEVER. You had a cause, and well...I just wanted you to know. I still plan to help you if I ever win the lottery...which we didn't again last night - go figure!

My TT is up at the old Cafe.
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 09:25
Comment from: she [Visitor] ·
people who believe in #1 are just stupid.

also, i think you made that one Michigan/toilet thing up so you could use the pic of the cat on pot again. hehe.
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 10:13
Comment from: Wandering Coyote [Visitor] Email ·
Great post! A very well-researched one, too.

I turn my computer off each evening. I find it starts freaking out a bit if I leave it on for more than a couple of days, so I stopped doing that.

I did know about the urine thing. The Hour had Survivorman on the other day, and he explained a very interesting way of distilling urine to make it drinkable. Still, it's a bit yucky if you ask me.
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 10:45
Comment from: DrillerAA [Visitor] Email ·
I always enjoy coming here on Thursdays. Thanks for the Mythbusting!
Whether we believe in Global Warming or not, if it is the catalyst for being better stewards of this earth, then is might be a good thing. My greatest fear is that both sides tend to have knee jerk reactions to the situation. The oposition refuses to do anything because it is an admission that here is a problem. The activitists want every resource protected beyond reason. Somewhere in the middle is the truth and the right thing to do. I just hope they find that middle ground soon. Have a great day.
And yes, I've always wanted to see exploding pigeons!
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 13:36
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Deanna Dahlsad... Not so open minded that my brain fell out! I didn't say there WASN'T an "alien event" in Roswell... but I accept the fact that there may have been an extraterrestrial event, a terrestrial event, possibly even an extradimensional event... See? I'm just foncused!

Hi Penelope Anne... I know it wasn't... but I did pre-write a "Sunday Blessing" about it... but made CLEAR mention that I knew there was no ill-feelings meant. Oh, and yeah... #9 is just a touch too believable... you watch, it'll be on Snopes in no time!

Hiya she... No... in all honesty, I made up the "Michigan" one while I was cleaning the bathroom... and it occurred to me that people WOULD believe it if written... as for #1, you'd be surprised at how many people fall victim... especially the elderly for the "quick-cash" scams...

Howdy Wandering Coyote... Yeah, urine would not be my personal cocktail of choice... I believe my kid would say, "Ew".

Hi there, DrillerAA... ANOTHER MODERATE!!! YAY!!! We are few and far between... especially in the blogsphere! ...and another bird watcher provided there was some form of "fireworks" too. We are sick, sick people...
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 19:04
Comment from: Nicholas [Visitor] Email ·
Another great TT, as usual. I’m glad to see you give the lie to the one about gun crime. I am so itrd of heraring, every time there is a school shooting or fast food restaurant massacre, people saying “If you ban guns they will just use knives.” Like someone could get into a college and knife a dozen people to death. And kudos to you for standing up for George III. I get really pissed off when I hear abut people standing up to a tyrant king etc. Yes, it Parliament who was against the rebels. Or rather, part of Parliament. The opposition in parliament t deeply sympathised with the rebel cause, and there was a large body of opinion in England in favour of the rebels. The American War of Independence was very much like Britain’s Vietnam – far way, difficult and costly to resupply, out of favour with the people at home, and fought by a government that knew that it could never win. A nice touch of irony that the new nation’s taxes forced people to flee north to British administration – like they did right up to 1865: the underground railroad was the route whereby people fled from the stars and stripes to the union jack. King George would have chuckled!
PermalinkPermalink 04/10/08 @ 21:48
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey Nicholas... My favourite "gun nut" for instance is, "If you outlaw guns, people will start pushing people out of windows. Are you going to outlaw windows?" to which, like you, I respond... "Hmmm... whackjob in a mall trying to convince people to go up a structure to get tossed out the window... whackjob in a mall with an AK-47... which do you figure is more destructive?"

...and yes, GOD SAVE THE MAD OLD KING! :)
PermalinkPermalink 04/11/08 @ 06:45
Comment from: DrillerAA [Visitor] Email ·
Maybe we ought to feed the pigeons uncooked popcorn on a hot summer day and see if the works.
I always thought that the reasoning behind the rice thing was that the birds would drink water after eating the rice, causing a swelling and death. Not that it makes sense, just the reasoning.
PermalinkPermalink 04/11/08 @ 11:02
Comment from: Admin [Member] Email ·
Hey DrillerAA... I know you're insanely busy, but have a boo at...
PermalinkPermalink 04/11/08 @ 20:03

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