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Thursday Thirteen #2 - The Basics Part Two

Thirteen Things about The Zookeeper

Hi There! For those that are first time visitors my name is Sue aka "The Zookeeper." The Urban Zoo is my pet name for our home, family, and life. Last week I wrote my first Thursday Thirteen entry , and this second edition "The Basics Part Two is a continuation of it. As the weeks go by I will start writing out more specialised lists. Here goes edition #2.

1. I consider myself a bargain hunter, and I LOVE to go to garage sales, church bazaars, and flea markets. I will also participate in the online equivalent over at Ebay on occasion.

2. I am a plant fanatic! I like to rescue sickly, and dying ones, and try to bring them back to life.

3. I have a morbid fascination with death, I have several books on the subject, and documentaries. I once considered going into the funeral business.

4. I have many skeletons (not in my closet for the most part). I collect them, mostly South American art. There is a skull on my desk ( I call him Murray), and a 5ft skeleton named Skelly that stands beside it. I usually dress them up for the season. Right now they are wearing baseball caps, in December they will don Santa apparel!

5. I collect many things, rocks from haunted locations (bagged, and labelled), Angels, religious iconography, books, alien kitch items, teddy bears, tins, and other assorted bric-a-brac. These are my treasures.

6. I wear lots of hats (one at a time of course), I suppose I collect those too, along with handbags that I change constantly. I like vintage, and unusual stuff. This used to either frighten or delight the folks at my old office.

7. I LOVE maps ... ok so I guess I collect these too!!! I should have just started this meme out as things I collect and gone from there. I particularly like to compare older maps to newer ones. I also pin cushion yet others with places I must see at some point.

8. My fave movies are horror, and suspense. I love a good, scary mystery. These will be the focus of a future Thursday Thirteen.

9. My one absolute guilty pleasure that my Dad would be so disappointed in me with is ... every weekday at 3pm I watch General Hospital. My Dad hated the soaps, used to say they'd rot your brain!

10. I consider myself to be globally aware. I do keep up with all current events around the globe. Mostly via radio, as I work on the blogs, and other computer related stuff.

11. My biggest international concern at this time is global warming. I think it should be a concern of everyone's, and I do try to do my part.

12. Sometimes I greatly fear for the world I will eventually be leaving to my children, yet other times I see these fantastic rays of hope through the eyes of a younger generation.

13. I have been blessed throughout the years with some really good friends. I strive to be as equally a good friend, and I hope that I am.

Wow! This stuff just flows ... I think I'm going to start working on next weeks!

Thank you for stopping by, and allowing me to share a bit of myself with you. Please do leave a comment, and have a terrific rest of the week! Happy Thursday!

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Comment from: Joan [Visitor] Email ·
Number 1 is also my favorite entertainment! I especially love estate sales (I guess that goes well with your fascination with death, doesn't it? -- seems I always get the story of the person whose estate is being sold.) My TT is also posted.
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 19:28
Comment from: An Ordinary Mom [Visitor] Email ·
My husband LOVES maps. He could spend hours looking at them!

Happy TT!
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 20:12
Comment from: wolfbernz [Visitor] Email ·
#1. Me too...I love that sort of thing!
Happy TT
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 20:45
Comment from: Karen (misc mum) [Visitor] Email ·
#1- - yep, guilty!!
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 21:30
Comment from: Barb [Visitor] Email ·
I love to hunt bargains, but I don't go to garage sales too much.

I also used to watch General Hospital for years, but got over that about 10 years ago and I never watch it or any other soap anymore. The habit can be broken. :)

My addiction is the computer. :)

By the way, my daughter would love your comment about your ZOO. She has 4 children (11, 13, 17 & 18 1/2) and she's a single Mom who works every day. She'd call her life a zoo, too. :)
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 21:59
Comment from: DK Raymer [Visitor] Email ·
Hi Sue and welcome to the Thursday Thirteen! Great list. I enjoyed reading through it and getting a peek into your life! Stop by my blog anytime. Happy TTing,
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 23:16
Comment from: Pussreboots [Visitor] Email ·
Interesting list.
PermalinkPermalink 05/09/07 @ 23:28
Interesting that you are interested in death and dying...almost a taboo subject in American culture, as is the mortician's trade (or at least was till Six Feet Under made it sort of, kind of cool (?)) I assume you've seen the show, but if not, it can be rented from Netflix and I highly recommend it. Very profound treatment of the subject..
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 02:02
Comment from: she [Visitor] Email ·
I'm on bargain hunting hiatus for the moment. I think the hubby would revolt if I brought more things into the house before I got rid of some of the items we have in boxes here...
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 02:20
Comment from: Tink [Visitor] Email ·
Another bargain hunter over here! :-)
I love maps, and horror movies too. I'm looking forward to that future list!
Thanks for visiting my fodd TT.
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 05:21
Comment from: Naeva - Mom of 2 [Visitor] Email ·
My husband loooveess horor movie but I don't...too scared...

PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 05:39
Comment from: sue [Member] Email ·
damozel -> Yes I've seen a few episodes, I thought it was a terrific show, but did not get the channel it was originally on. Thank you for the Netflix tip ... :)
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 06:52
Comment from: Rene Lyons [Visitor] Email ·
#4. Really? That's about the coolest collection I've ever heard of.
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 08:20
Comment from: sue [Member] Email ·
Rene -> Thanks Rene ... :) I should really post up some photos of them.
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 08:51
Comment from: tinker [Visitor] Email ·
number 4 is funny! I also love horror as in number 8. Now I have to confess I have watched General Hospital a time or two myself. When i was in college back in the 80's that was when the whole world was watching the Luke and Laura saga. It still goes on today.
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 09:13
Comment from: MsDemmie [Visitor] Email ·
Bargains, hats........ w3e are so shot when you eventually visit the UK - and the birdie does horror movies too.
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 10:34
Comment from: Mark Caldwell [Visitor] Email ·
Glad to hear you only wear one hat at a time :-)
PermalinkPermalink 05/10/07 @ 18:35
Comment from: Jill [Visitor] Email ·
You do tend to collect a lot of stuff!!
The bones part of it might be because of the facination with death!!
Happy TT!!
PermalinkPermalink 05/13/07 @ 12:28

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